We are UnifiEd. A collection of educators and scholars devoted to engaging culture from a Christ-centered perspective. We support Christian educators in their efforts to engage cross-culturally.

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Resourcing Schools

Leading your school toward cultural intelligence and unity is hard work. We're here to help! Our platform integrates data-driven analysis and theologically rooted solutions including climate surveys and online trainings.

Advancing Christian Reflection

Trusted resources from a Christian worldveiw are hard to find! Our professional journal promotes cultural intelligence for Christian leaders and educators to pursue Christ-centered

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Content will be released weekly on our site, and then quarterly in a digital publication.

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Feb 17, 2021.
Vol. 1 – Issue 1

Mar 22, 2021.
Vol. 1 – Issue 2

Culture is an often misunderstood aspect of culturally responsive teaching that requires examination as a prerequisite to adapting culturally responsive pedagogy.
 The “model prayer’s” implications are vast yet under explored when addressing today’s most vexing challenges. 

“Thy Kingdom Come thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven”

In this prayer, the Lord demonstrates how human wants and needs are condensed into a few succinct petitions that encompass the expanse of every human desire. The prayer is commonly divided into halves and the first...

What is Culture and Why is it Important?

Culture is an often misunderstood aspect of culturally responsive teaching that requires examination as a prerequisite to adapting culturally responsive pedagogy. Ethnicity is one component of culture, but it is not the totality of culture. Age, gender, and class are also important components of culture.

Diversity in Thought: Classroom Discussion and Cultural Intelligence

Encouraging several angles of analysis in class discussions while remaining true to a biblical worldview takes intentionality. Educators can uphold their school's commitment to cultural intelligence and diversity by skillfully engaging students who hold a distinct perspective. Educators who cultivate...


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