We are UnifiEd. A collection of educators and scholars devoted to engaging culture from a Christ-centered perspective. We support Christian educators in their efforts to engage cross-culturally.

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Advancing Christian Reflection

Trusted resources from a Christian worldveiw are hard to find! Our professional journal promotes cultural intelligence for Christian leaders and educators to pursue Christ-centered

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Content will be released weekly on our site, and then quarterly in a digital publication.

Recent Issues

Feb 17, 2021.
Vol. 1 – Issue 1

Mar 22, 2021.
Vol. 1 – Issue 2

A Biblical Assessment of “Diversity” Language Pt. 1

Words are powerful.  It is essential for schools pursuing biblical diversity and cultural intelligence to carefully define terms to clarify their vision.  Undefined words risk hijacking the vision lest they be, for better or for worse, conflated...

Culturally Relevant Strategies for the Classroom Pt. 3

Strategies for implementing culturally responsive teaching varies from subject to subject. Some content areas like English and history lend themselves to a more natural integration while others like science and...


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