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The UnifiEd Digest is a bimonthly professional journal that curates essentials for leading Christian schools with cultural intelligence. The UnifiEd Digest maintains the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.  The editorial board determines the fitness of guest articles for publication. 

Monthly Columns

Theological Foundations

This monthly column provides a theological framework for cultural engagement in Christian education. These articles provide leaders with ongoing theological scaffolding for biblical cultural engagement to circumvent pragmatism and sub-Christian ideals from informing cross-cultural interaction in your organization.

Insights from the Classroom

The classroom is ground zero for student engagement and has the most potential for intellectual and cultural formation. This column provides educators insights to facilitate a learning environment befit for students from every culture.

Research Brief

This column curates the most useful scholastic research from various academic disciplines that provide relevant information to lead and teach with cross-cultural understanding.

Resource Review

Navigating the constant deluge of books, articles, journals, blogs, and other resources focused on cultural intelligence, racial reconciliation, cross-cultural communication, and diversity is a full-time job—let the UnifiEd Digest staff do it for you. We’ll provide you with a list of noteworthy resources and a review of the resource the editorial board deems most relevant for leading a Christian school cross-culturally.

Best Practices

The most valuable insights for educators often come from “the trenches.” The UnifiEd Digest enthusiastically invites school leaders from around the world to publish articles describing the best practices that have assisted them in leading their schools with cultural intelligence.

Podcast: The Wall

The Wall draws upon insights from thought leaders to spark biblical engagement with God’s world.

Current Events

In this fallen world, unfortunately, racially charged incidents will occur. The UnifiEd Digest is committed to helping Christian leaders navigate these emotionally charged and potentially volatile moments in a way that biblically engages the issues, unifies God’s people, and provides organizational stability.

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Our Authors

Chief Editor

  • Walter R. Strickland II, Ph.D.

Managing Editor

  • Phabienne Anderson, M.A.

Guest Submissions Welcome

The UnifiEd Digest is a collaborative effort and thrives becuase of guest contributions in the areas of cultural intellegence in pedegogy and leadership. In formation about guest authorship is available in the author center.

Regular Contributors

  • Walter R. Strickland II, Ph.D.
  • Joel Gaines, M.Ed.
  • Tia Gaines, B.A., B.S.
  • Ben Waddell, M.Div., D.O.
  • Phabienne Anderson, M.A.

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