Frequently Asked Questions

What is UnifiEd's distinctive?

UnifiEd’s biblical and theological framework is not just a starting place, Scripture is the source that provides the motivation and methods for our approach to pursuing cultural intelligence and unity.

How can UnifiEd help me?

UnifiEd’s resources are calibrated to equip you to be a catalyst for unity.  The UnifiEd Digest provides a biblically informed knowledge base to engage in these often-treacherous waters, and the forthcoming Cultural Engagement Platform (Summer 2021) provides resources (surveys, assessments, training courses, seminar outlines, etc.) to help you catalyze God-honoring cultural understanding and unity.

Does UnifiEd do consulting?

Individual school consulting is not an “official” component of the UnifiEd strategy, but schools can reach out to a UnifiEd staffer to inquire about consulting. Consulting agreements are made with UnifiEd personnel as independent contractors—not as a UnifiEd employee.

What are your doctrinal convictions?

A list of our foundational theological convictions is found here.

How much do UnifiEd's services cost?

UnifiEd features two products that are both billed as subscriptions to simplify annual budgeting.  The UnifiEd Digest is tiered for individuals and institutional leadership teams.  The forthcoming platform (Summer 2021) will be tiered based upon school size to ensure economic accessibility for more schools.

How does UnifiEd define success?

Success is determined when an organization completes a strategic learning cycle that begins and ends with a survey that demonstrates biblically motivated growth in cultural intelligence.